Water Pressure

WATER PRESSURE CONCERNS? MAKE YOUR WATER GREAT NOW! Municipal Water Concerns? Great Lakes Water Solutions recommends the Dab Esyboxmini3 to provide constant pressure according to your needs. Well Water Concerns? GLWS Recommends the more robust Franklin SubDrive Utility or Grundfos CU301 to meet the more complicated demands a well application.

Iron in Water

Iron In Water It is no small wonder iron is often a concern with well water as it is the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust and the single most abundant heavy metal. It is not hazardous to health at levels most often found in drinking water, however as little as 0.3mg/l can […]

  Groundwater is typically clean and safe for human consumption.  The overlying soil acts as a filter eliminating disease-causing microorganisms.  Nevertheless, contamination can occur following a break in the well casing, with a contaminated aquifer or because of contaminated surface water entering the well in the case of dug or bored wells. Well water should […]