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Our team of fully insured pros perform pump and pressure tank installation and service to help you meet your water needs. Licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and proud members of the Ontario Ground Water Association, we help property owners across Barrie and the Greater Toronto Area maintain water quality through our comprehensive list of well services. We provide routine maintenance for water wells so they perform as expected and can help restore abandoned wells. We also provide decommissioning of select wells no longer in service in compliance with Regulation 903 so groundwater remains safe.

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Pump Products

Lack of pressure is a common concern. When your well has pressure issues, the pros at Great Lakes Water Solutions are the ones to call. Traditional pumps and constant water pressure systems get water from the well and into your home or business. GLWS has the training and experience to install and provide ongoing service for any submersible pump, boost pump, jet pump or pressure system. Whether you prefer the less costly traditional pump or the enhanced performance of a constant pressure system, GLWS is just a phone call away – 1-866-396-0111

Our Well and Pump Services

24/7 Emergency Pump Service

Low pressure? No water? No problem! Call pl. Great Lakes Water Solutions for emergency service 24/7/365!

Pressure Tank Replacement

If your pressure is inconsistent or surging, there could be a problem with your pressure tank. We offer professional series tanks with high quality brass fittings and excellent warranties.

Flow Rate Tests

We offer flow rate and recovery testing for real estate transactions, including well inspection, pressure system and pump evaluation. We will measure the flow for one hour to confirm it meets the needs of the property.


GLWS offers full service for new wells including trenching, well pump installation and pressure tanks. We test your water and offer water treatment solutions as required. Your water treatment system will be designed for optimal flow rates with the capability to meet peak water usage demands.

Well Yield/Recovery Tests

Pump down and recovery tests as per Regulation 903. If you are concerned your well may be slowing down, or perhaps want to add irrigation or an addition, we will confirm the capacity of your well and provide solutions if it is currently unable to meet your expectations.

Well Inspections

Have your well inspected by a licensed well contractor to ensure it is safe and properly maintained. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to ensure the safety of your well and we will partner with you to maintain the quality of your well water and in turn protect the aquifer for the future.

Well Disinfection

Have your well and pressure system disinfected by a licensed well contractor. You can trust GLWS to perform this service as per Regulation 903.

Well Upgrades/Extensions

If your well doesn’t meet Regulation 903 standards we can help. We will ensure it is correctly upgraded, sealed and disinfected. This protects the aquifer from contamination, improves serviceability and provides peace of mind.

Low Yield Well Solutions

Don’t wait for your well to recover! We install both outdoor underground cisterns and indoor holding tanks that can be drip fed over a 24-hour period. The stored water is then repressurized for your domestic supply.

Cistern Cleaning Service

We recommend your cistern or holding tanks be serviced once a year and our confined space certified technicians will leave it clean and sanitized.


Drier seasons of late make a reliable water source more crucial than ever and your family deserves safe, clean drinking water at all times. Great Lakes Water Solutions is the water well contractor you can trust to service and maintain your well. Serving home and business owners across Barrie, Innisfil, Oro, Muskoka, Collingwood, King, Bolton, Nobleton, Newmarket, Bradford, Caledon, Alliston, Hockley Valley, Tottenham, Adjala, Angus, Springwater, Orangeville, Mono, Kleinburg, Thornton, Vaughan and throughout the GTA, our mission is to provide expert service at affordable prices and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Get in touch with us today for a quote – 1-866-396-0111


Thoughts from a satisfied customer

“I was very satisfied with all the equipment they installed. The service people are very friendly, courteous and well informed. They took the time to explain how everything worked. The water is safe for me, pets and 2 large fish aquariums"