Why Soft Water?


Water, the “universal solvent,” absorbs iron, odours, minerals and decaying matter… just to mention a few. Our municipal suppliers deliver bacteria-free water via chlorination, but many raw impurities remain. The choice is yours. You live with these impurities and the cost and aggravation that go along with them… or enjoy the benefits and savings of soft water. After all, water is something you and your family use every day.


  • Dishes, glasses and silverware sparkle. No more white spots or streaks.
  • 22% savings on energy costs because refined water eliminates lime scale and raw mineral deposits that clog water pipes, toilet valves, shower nozzles, automatic washers, humidifiers, kettles and hot water heaters.
  • Save on costly repairs to your plumbing, fixtures and appliances.
  • Hard water leaves soap curds and detergent deposits on your fabrics. This dulls colours, especially whites. With soft water, bleach and softening agents will no longer be necessary. Your clothes, bedding and towels last longer and are soft, bright and smell fresher.
  • Chrome fixtures, sinks, bathroom tiles and shower doors will be spot free and gleaming without scrubbing, abrasive cleaners or expensive specialty cleaning products.
  • Water softeners remove common types of iron, so say goodbye to bathtub rings and stained toilets.

You can see how a water conditioner in your home will not raise your monthly budget… but actually, lower it! It’s a home appliance that pays for itself.

It’s not what you put in your water that counts… it’s what you take out.

Ask us about a mixed bed conditioner to remove municipally introduced chlorine as you soften!

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