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To find out more about how you can have great tasting water for your home or office.

What are the benefits of soft water?

  • Dishes, glasses and silverware sparkle. With no white spots or streaks.
  • 22% savings on energy costs because refined water eliminates lime scale and raw mineral deposits that clog water pipes, toilet valves, shower nozzles, automatic washers, humidifiers, kettles and hot water heaters.
  • Saves on costly repairs to your plumbing, fixtures and appliances.
  • Raw water leaves soap curds and detergent deposits on your fabrics. This dulls colours and gives a grey or yellow appearance to should-be whites. Bleach will no longer be necessary nor fabric softening agents. Your clothes last longer, are soft, bright and smell fresher.
  • Chrome fixtures, sinks, bathroom tiles and shower doors will be spot free and gleaming with no scrubbing, abrasive cleaners or expensive cleaning products.
  • No bathtub rings or stained toilets.

So you can see how a water refiner in your home will not raise your monthly budget… but will actually lower it! It’s a home appliance that pays for itself! It’s not what you put in your water that counts… it’s what you take out.


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